2020 Toyota GR supra

Toyota’s iconic sports car is back!

Is it still a Toyota?

Well yes and no, like the Toyota GT86 was co-developed with Subaru the MK5 Supra was developed in coalition with BMW. The new supra shares many drive train parts with the upcoming BMW Z4 like the new 3.0 straight 6 motor (N58) and the ZF 8 speed auto box. A lot of die-hard Supra fans might be disappointed in the fact that there is currently no manual box but rumours are flying around that one might be on the way. The motor wasn’t developed by Toyota, and they will undeniably bemoan the lack of a 2JZ successor, they perhaps forget BMW’s proud history of performance straight 6 motors. Toyota also claims that this helps keep costs down as they don’t have to spend money developing the new engine.

Where I am a little disappointed in the lack of uniqueness from the interior. Toyota kind of just picked a whole lot of parts from a BMW catalogue, which is fine in terms of quality but lacks special Supra feel. The infotainment system is just a reskinned version of iDrive. There will be 2 specification models in the line up the base model and the premium model the later receiving a bigger infotainment screen, leather seats and other luxuries however performance remains the same. there is also a special A90 launch edition that will be available in the states in a limited number of 1500 units they receive unique blacked out wheels and coloured accents throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle like the red brake callipers.

2020 Toyota GR Supra Specs

Engine: 3.0 litre Turbocharged inline 6 cylinder

Power: 335 BHP (250KW)

Torque: 500 N.M.

0-100KMH : 4.3 Seconds

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