2019 McLaren GT

A McLaren for Miles!.

McLaren has decided to broaden the model range by adding this GT model which is aimed at providing supreme luxury to the supercar market. I am quite glad they are not trying to do the comfort thing via an SUV, of which the market is quite saturated. Using a carbon fibre MonoCell 2-T(Touring) chassis McLaren has created a 420-litre luggage compartment that can accommodate a golf bag so expect to see a few of these at you local country club!.

With touring in mind McLaren has spent some time in making the interior a plush cosseting place to be, with Nappa leather as standard, soft grain leather as an option and for the first time in a production car, Cashmere will also be available later in the year. I am quite keen to see how the Cashmere will look and wear?.

The Infotainment system in the new GT is McLaren’s most sophisticated to date including HERE® navigation with real-time traffic information. The 7″ touchscreen not only controls all media functionality but the Heating and ventilation as well which can sometimes be fiddly to use but will have to try it for myself. Bowers & Wilkens provides the premium 12 speaker audio system. The other new option on this GT model is the electrochromic glazed panel in the roof which can be darkened and lightened with the touch of a button adding to the light airy feel.

So is it still a McLaren?

Well powered by a bespoke 456kw/612bhp 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 pushing it to 0-100kmh in 3.2 seconds and hitting the 200kmh mark in only 9 seconds I would say hell yeah. Bringing all that pace to a standstill is large 367mm front and 354mm rear discs grabbed by 4 piston callipers front and rear respectively with the option of a carbon ceramic setup. The braking performance has been rated at 200-0kmh in a fairly short 127m.

Orders for the new GT are now open and I have a sneaky suspision this might be McLaren’s best selling model with true real world usability with the large boot, (in supercar terms) and the liftable suspension that allows it to navigate most speed bumbs and other road challanges.

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