McLaren Elva

When was the last time you saw such a pretty roadster?. This is the new Elva from McLaren and it forms part of the ultimate series of McLaren’s. Made from mostly carbon fibre McLaren claims that this open cockpit two-seater is their lightest road-going vehicle they make. Despite the lack of windscreen and window’s they also say that the occupants will be fairly sheltered thanks to clever active air management. There will also be a windscreen version available reducing the number of bugs on your face when you drive it.

The Elva will make use of clever hydraulic active suspension and active aero to keep it glued to the road. Part of the aero package is a full-width active wing which also doubles as an airbrake when braking from high speed. The front vent on the bonnet is there to direct air up and over the cabin creating a “Calm Bubble” for the drivers.

Powering the Elva is a 4.0l twin-turbo V8 producing 599kw/815ps lifted from the Senna. McLaren claims this open-top roadster can outpace it’s Senna family member by .1 second in the 0-200km/h sprint. McLaren claims figures of under 3 seconds for the 0-100kmh dash and 6.7 seconds to 200kmh. Innovative Inconel and titanium quad-exit exhaust delivers a unique soundtrack and enhances engine power by reducing back pressure.

With a starting price of £1,425,000 before personalisation, this car is attainable by only a select few but that’s ok because they only making 399 of them.

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