Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA / GTAm

Italian Extremist.

Although we were all hoping that Alfa Romeo was going to be launching something like a “6C” 2 door sports car I am no less excited about this. I for one love the Quadrifoglio on which this is based. So saying that there is a lighter, faster and more focused version makes me happy. The acronym GTA stands for “Gran Turismo Alleggerita”, alleggerita is Italian for “lightened”. The GTA nameplate harks back to the 1965 Guilia sprint GT which was modified for racing. They replaced the whole body with an aluminium one which dropped the weight down to 745kg. They also fettled with the engine to produce 170hp(from a 1600cc) and the GTA was born. Fast forward 55 years and the new one is here although the concept is the same the tech has moved on.


A lot of people have speculated that this is a Ferrari California V8 minus 2 cylinders based on the similarities. Alfa Romeo denies this though. Motivating the GTA is the same 2.9 Bi-turbo V6 found in the Quadrifoglio but it has been massaged to produce 540hp. Combine this new output with the 100kg weight saving and Alfa claims it can hit 100kmh in 3.6 seconds. There is also a tasty new titanium Akrapovič exhaust system making its presence felt. Alfa Romeo has extracted some technical know-how from it links at the Sauber F1 team. A new active front splitter, side skirts and model-specific rear wing made from carbon. I also like the sexy new centre lock wheels.

Race Ready.

With splatterings of Alcantara, bucket seats, race harnesses and roll cage the GTAm is definitely focused on racing. Let’s not forget about the removed back seats which is another weight-saving strategy. There is only going to be 500 of these beauties made so that fortunate enough to get the hands-on one might not ever see another on the road. I definitely wish I was one of them.

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