Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR

Split Personality?

I love these dual sport type bikes, the lighter and smaller frames make them a doddle in the rough stuff. This is obviously in comparison to the larger ADV bikes. The biggest drawback has always been fuel range although you could often get optional long-range tanks. This new LR modal comes as standard with an additional 12 litres of fuel capacity pushing the range up to a claimed 500km putting it close to bikes like the 1250 GSA. I like the fact that the tanks are very well hidden and don’t stick all that much keeping it in line with the slimmer shape. All I would add is a rally screen and maybe a squishy seat. What do you guys think of the look? The Only downside i can see is the tanks sit a bit high up.


Based on the standard enduro 701 this LR model uses the same 692cc single-cylinder which is also found in the KTM 690. That’s the thing about the Husky, it’s a KTM without the stigma. Don’t get me wrong KTM are great bikes but there is a stigma attached to KTM riders, same as BMW riders. With the Husky, it isn’t so. Anyway I digress, the engine produces a decent 74HP and its torque is pretty low down. If any of you have ever ridden a 690/701 you will know the kind of pick up and go it has. Fitted with cornering ABS, lean-angle sensitive traction control, switchable ride modes and easy shift as standard. At least the 701 has some nice tech to keep you upright.


On the suspension front, Husqvarna makes use of the brilliant fully adjustable WP 48mm XPLOR fork. Outback is the WP XPLOR shock with a great 250mm travel which is also fully adjustable. This wonderful suspension endows the 701 with its true enduro capabilities. So if you want an enduro bike that can go the distance give this Husky a try. The 2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro R is already starting to appear on showroom floors.

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