KTM 390 Adventure

Fancy a little Adventure?

So like many people you want to get started out in the ADV touring bike scene but worry about the big and cumbersome ADV bikes? Well, don’t worry KTM’s got you. Now I know other brands offer similar bikes like the Kawasaki Versys 300 and BMW’s G310. To be honest both of those are more commuter bikes than real adventure machines. The same can actually be said for the 390 Adventure but they will all fair well with light to mild off-road stuff. The biggest giveaway is the diecast wheels at 19″ in front and 17″ rear. Most serious off-road machines come with a 21″ front spoked wheel. With that said this 390 ADV has a lot going for it.

Starting with the engine, its a 390 single cylinder pulled from the 390 duke. KTM claims its the best performing single in the 400cc class and it’s rated at 44HP in this application. That’s a full 10HP more than the BMW, granted it does have a larger capacity. It also has about 10nm more torque couple that with the miner 4kg weight difference (BMW Lighter) this 390 should easily outperform the BMW. I am not picking on the BMW but it’s the closest rival. The fully-fueled weight comes in at 172kgs. The 390 rides on WP Apex suspension with 170mm travel up front and 177mm travel outback. The front has compression and rebound adjustment while the back has preload and rebound.

Image of prototype dash


The 390 comes with a nice and clear 5″ colour TFT as well as a host of electronic gadgetry making it one of the most advanced bikes in its class. There is a lean-angle sensitive traction control system, bosch controlled cornering ABS system. Using the KTM MY RIDE app one can integrate smartphone functionality with the TFT display like turn by turn navigation, call management and music. This gives this little 390 similar features as the big daddy 1290 Super adv R. So to summarise the 390 Adv I would say its a great small platform adventure bike, just replace the cast wheels for some nice aftermarket spoked items and this would make a great starter ADV bike or perfect for those of shorter stature. What are you thoughts do you think KTM has done it right?.

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