BMW 5 Series

Dynamic, Efficient and Luxurious. The three words I would use to describe a 5 Series. While this new one is just facelift and drivetrain tweak its ok because the 5 was a good car, to begin with. The sleek new front end is emphasized by the lower, wider kidney grille and slimmer headlights. I have found the recent 5 series best looking of all the larger sedans on the market and the fact that it is available as a wagon as well is also cool. (BMW please make an M5 wagon?). To my eyes, the 5 has always had almost perfect proportions. The taillights have also been tweaked for a sharper look. The new 5 also look particularly menacing with the M Performance body kit.

Petrol Power.

Under the hood is where a lot of changes have occurred with the whole range now including 48v mild-hybrid tech. Most of the engines are familiar units starting with the 520i. The 2.0l Twinpower turbo 4 pot is rated at 135kw/184HP and 290n.m. which should propel the sedan to 100kmh in 7.9s. Its also only available with an 8-speed Steptronic auto and RWD. The 530i uses the same 2.0l but has power bumped to a healthier 185kw/252HP and 350n.m. This extra power gets it to 100 just a little quicker at 6.4s (xDrive 6.3s). The only petrol 6 cylinder comes in the form of the 540i, powered by a 3.0l straight 6 with output figures 245kw/333HP and 450n.m. it sprints to 100kmh in 5.2seconds(xDrive 4.8s). In my opinion, this is the sweet spot in the petrol line up.

The 550i makes use of the 4.4l turbo V8 rated at a meaty 390kw/530HP and 750n.m. and is standard as an xDrive model and can hit 100 in a staggering 3.8s. The only full hybrid in the range is the 530e which uses the 2.0l 135kw petrol engine mated to an 80kw electric motor. BMW claims it can reach 100kmh in 5.9s but only consume 1.8l per 100km in the combined cycle.

Oil burners.

The entry point for diesel’s is the 520d and it uses makes of the tried and tested 2.0l turbo-diesel rated at 140kw and 400n.m. This unit is good for a 0-100kmh of 7.2s and avg. consumption of 5.0l per 100km. The xDrive model has the same performance figures. Next up is the 530d for those that require a little more punch from there diesel. The 3.0l straight 6 diesel is good for 210kw and a fat 650n.m. of torque. It can launch itself to the 100kmh mark in a swift 5.6s(xDrive 5.4s). BMW claims a consumption of 6.3l per 100km. Headlining the oil burners is the 540d using the same 3.0l but with power bumped to 250kw/700n.m. and reducing acceleration time down to 4.6s.

Inside refreshments.

In the past few years BMW has been nailing it in the interior department, well for me at least. The design is mostly the same as the outgoing model with the main change being the addition of a new 12.3″ infotainment display and the latest BMW iDrive software which is one of the best in the market. There is a range of personalization is quite large so you could create the perfect interior if your wallet allows.

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