2021 MAZDA3 2.5 TURBO

MPS Lite?

Mazda has already stated that they won’t bring back the MPS so this is as close as we can get. The Mazda3 is already a great small car with a great design, it definitely stands out in class. One of the main drawbacks to the Mazda was the engine line-up, although not bad engines just that the competition have better options. That’s where this 2.5 Turbo steps in and off the bat it looks good.


The 2.5 4 pot Turbo motor has already been found doing duty in the new CX-5 but in this application, it is rated at 250HP(186kw) and 320lb-ft(433n.m). In comparison, the current Golf GTI is rated at 228hp(170kw) and 258lb-ft(350n.m.). The engine is mated to Mazda’s 4WD system which helps put the power down. The GTI, for example, will probably be the better overall performance vehicle but it was designed to be. The Mazda is orientated at being a premium vehicle with extra oomph. Could be fun to embarrass some GTI’s at the lights. The only downside to this engine is its currently only going to be available in North America leaving the rest of us with the standard N/A 2.0l and 1.6l engines.

Comfort and Tech.

The Mazda is quite well-specced being the premium model. You will find things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto controlled by a 8.8″ touchscreen as standard. There is a Bose 12 speaker premium audio system. The design of the interior, in my opinion, is very nice with simple elegant lines and plush looking materials. With a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever adding to the premium feel. Heated seats also come standard as well as a heads up display with all the pertinent info. Overall the new Mazda32.5 Turbo looks like a very nice package. Would you consider this over its german and other Japanese rivals?

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