2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Mach is back!

After a 17 year hiatus, the new Mach 1 is here to fill the gap between the GT models and the Shelby models. Ford states this will be there most track-focused 5.0l model. They started with the front end and the Mach 1 will sport a unique front end which focuses on aero and cooling. Adding to the look is some unique colour options as well as hood and side stripes. Mach 1 features 22% more downforce than a Mustang GT with Performance Pack Level 1 and the downforce improvement jumps to approximately 150% with the Handling Package.

Mach 1 Muscle.

This is projected to be the most powerful 5.0l V8 mustang available. The 5.0l V8 has been specially calibrated to produce 480hp(358kw) and 420 lb.-ft.(569nm). These figures are up on the normal GT with performance pack (460hp). As standard, the power is sent to the rear wheels via the GT350 sourced Tremec™ 3160 6-speed manual transmission with rev-matching and nice short-throw shift action. Ford also offers the 10-speed auto as an option. Seeing as this is Mach 1 is slated as a handling focused car I would stick with the manual. Ford didn’t stop there either. They raided the GT350 parts bin by including the intake manifold and the oil cooler.

To enhance track endurance, the team added two side heat exchangers – one to cool engine oil, the other transmission oil. There is also a rear axle cooling system and lower diffuser from Shelby GT500.


To improve ride and handling, Mach 1 features the latest MagneRide calibration, a stiffer steering I-shaft, new EPAS calibration, stiffer sway bars and front springs, a brake booster from the Mustang GT Performance Pack Level 2. Whether you chose the standard Mach 1 or the Handling package both ride on unique wheels. Ford has reinterpreted the original Magnum 500 wheels for the standard Mach 1 whereas the handling package includes Wider unique wheels. Mach 1 uses 19″ x 9.5″ front and 19″ x 10″ rear wheels. The handling package includes 19″x 10.5″ and 19″ x 11″ rear rims.

The Mach 1 comes with pretty decent tires as standard, using Michelin Pilot 4S’s at 255/40(f) and 275/40(r) widths upgrading to the handling package nets you the stickier Sport Cup 2’s at 305/30 and 315/30 front/rear respectively. All of this spec should make for a fairly compelling track day toy.

On the Inside.

The interior is mostly the same as most Mustangs except it features a unique Dark Spindrift instrument panel with aluminium accents. Ebony seats with an accent stripe hint at Mach 1 heritage in cars equipped with a leather interior. Other interior upgrades include new door sill plates, an
updated splash screen on the 12.3-inch all-LCD instrument cluster, a white cue ball shift knob, and engraved badging that displays the vehicle’s unique chassis number. Overall still a fairly nice place to be. Would you choose this over a GT350? For me, it’s hard to say as we don’t have pricing yet but I do know I will be sold in limited numbers. I am a huge fan of the slightly unique styling.

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