2020 Audi RS6 Avant

It’s Avant Time.

Audi has just released news that the new RS6 Avant will be available in the US for the first time. This is great news for those of you under the Trump administration with an interest in performance cars. North America has been missing out on one the best performance wagons ever created, starting in the early 2000s with the original C5 model. The C5 was powered by Audi’s faithful 4.2l V8 but this time with 2 turbos added which brought power outputs to 331kw and 580nm of torque. All this power was sent to the wheels via a 5-speed ZF Tiptronic auto box.

Audi Followed this up with the C6 version this time powered by 5.0l V10 based loosely on the Lambo Gallardo engine but once again with two turbos. Power output jumped by nearly 100kw to total 426kw with a healthy 650nm. an extra cog was also added to the Tiptronic gearbox now sporting 6 forward ratios. Finally, it was the C7 model Launched in 2013 with it’s now smaller 4.0l twin-turbo V8 producing 412kw and 700nm. this C7 model had the ability to hit 100kph from standstill in a blistering 3.9 seconds.

Express Hauler.

Do you really need a wagon this fast? well if your answer was no then you are wrong!. I am trying to think of a scenario where the sedan version would be better…..? I digress, let’s get into the details of what you can expect from this new RS6. Beginning with the engine, using the same 4.0l twin-turbo V8 from the previous generation just with more poke. New power outputs are rated at 441kw and a stout 800nm of twisting force this power relates into the RS6 decimating the 100kph sprint in 3.6 seconds. I don’t think your labrador will be too excited in the back by this. I also think your internal organs might not enjoy it either. What they will like though is the standard-fit air suspension with comfort mode selected allowing the RS to just waft along serenely.

Several drive modes are available and can be selected using Audi’s standard Drive Select system, four predetermined modes are Comfort, auto, dynamic and efficiency. Two individual RS modes are also available which can be tailored to your liking. These drives modes alter everything from steering, suspension, engine, gearbox and Quattro sport differential. The exhaust sound is also altered but my recommendation is just to get an aftermarket exhaust. Listen below to hear the difference between stock and aftermarket.

Inner Purpose.

The inside is high tech and luxurious place to spend time, with sumptuous leather abound and 3 digital displays two of which are touch screens. The lowest most touchscreen in the centre console controls all the climate settings and the like. I find this set up a bit of an issue as I find you have to take your eyes off the road to often to operate, the haptic feedback does help to confirm that the button has been pressed. What happened to good old fashioned buttons?. The central touchscreen controls all infotainment functionality as well as navigation and vehicle settings. The digital instrument cluster is the 3rd screen, and at the moment I believe Audi’s system is the best available on the market. This cluster is highly customisable and includes RS-specific features adding to the bespoke feel of the car. Space is another big appeal of the wagon/Avant body style with a sizeable boot, able to swallow large amounts of luggage making it a great family road trip vehicle.

This new RS6 Avant will be available sometime in 2020 so speak to your local Audi dealer to get your orders in early.

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