2020 Renault Clio

This new Clio is another important car for Renault, as there mainline volume seller it’s expected to sell in high numbers. Clio’s have long been great cars to own unfortunately our SA consumers never thought as much and always favoured the german rivals. The previous generation was quite a step forward over its predecessor in terms of both quality and design. The new Clio is more of an evolution than revolution with the body shape remaining fairly the same with the most apparent change coming at the front. Adopting Renault’s new design language the Clio incorporates the C-Shaped headlights similar to the bigger Megane and this gives it a much more upmarket and handsome appearance. An R.S line will now also be available and will be similar to that of the Polo R-Line on the cosmetics side.

2019 – Nouvelle Renault CLIO

The interior of the new Clio has been fully redesigned and now features a much more premium look to it. This has always been a bit of a shortfall when comparing to the likes of the Polo. The design of the old interior was never ugly, it just lacked the premium feel. Also new to the Clio is the digital instrument cluster which at this stage looks standard across the range, unlike its rivals. The Optional 9.3″ portrait infotainment touchscreen takes a commanding position high up in the centre of the dashboard making it much easier to see and use, the standard one is 7″. Overall the new interior should be quite a luxurious and modern place to be.

Engine line ups have yet to be confirmed but I suspect it would be the same as the new Captur. First up is the TCe 100, A 1.0 turbocharged 3 cylinder with 100hp(74kw) and 160nm and perhaps the 1.3Tce 115kw engine will be the sportier option. I will wait to see what gets specified for the South African market. This new Clio will hopefully boost Renault’s local sales and create a more diversified car landscape aren’t we all getting a little tired of seeing Polo’s everywhere(Sorry VW).

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