2019 Mazda 3

Striking Alternative?

The recent launch of the new Mazda 3 is a welcome one. With the roads saturated with the common golf and focus its nice to see something different. Bucking the trend with smooth body panels the new 3 stands in contrast to the regular creased body panels of the competition. That sharp snout and slim headlights giving it some decent review presence. The part of the design I am not a big fan of has to be the large c-pillar making it look a little bloated from rear 3/4 view but overall a handsome package. Mazda has never really been a massive seller in SA, here’s hoping the new 3 can change that.

The interior has also been completely redesigned now way more modern and luxurious. With smooth flowing lines everything blends together in a calming way. The only qualm I have with the interior is the infotainment screen which looks like more of an afterthought. The dials are crisp and easy to read and everything logically laid out.


Sticking to tried and tested technology when it comes to under the hood Mazda has opted to use a 1.5l and a 2.0l N/A engines, this comes as a surprise considering most of the competition employs smaller turbocharged units. The Smaller 1.5l 4 cylinder petrol unit utilises Mazda’s Skyactive-G technology to produce a rather par for the course 88kw and 153nm of torque, Fuel consumption is rated at 6.0l per 100km. If you are looking for a little more verve opt for the 2.0l model, that will give you 121kw and 213nm and sip 6.3l of petrol per 100km. Now both models aren’t fast but they weren’t designed to be, Mazda chose the route of a more compliant and easy to use vehicle, to live with every day. Perhaps one day there will be a new MPS version with a bit more bite.

If you are currently in the market for a small, easy to live with and good looking hatchback/sedan, do yourself a favour go test drive one of these Mazda’s. You never know it might feel better than its rivals.

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