The venerable M division has been very busy these past few weeks and this is the latest addition. This is the new BMW M2 CS. Based on the M2 Competition which was an impressive car in its own right. The M engineers started with with the 3.0l twin-turbo engine but added 29kw to bring the total to 331kw. If it’s one thing I think it didn’t need was more power however sometimes more is better. Next, the engineers looked at the handling, starting at the bottom, they fitted Michelin’s sticky cup 2 tyres then they upsized the brakes to a massive 400mm upfront with the option of carbon-ceramic disks. The Calipers have also been updated to 6-piston items upfront while 4-piston ones do duty at the rear.

Lightened Hardness.

A new CFRP bonnet, created especially for the BMW M2 CS, complements
the BMW M2 premiere of a roof also made entirely from carbon fibre.
The bonnet of the BMW M2 Competition has been modified to include
an eye-catching central air vent in High-gloss Black towards its leading edge. The new design increases the car’s downforce over the front wheels and also aids engine cooling. The bonnet’s weight, meanwhile, has been halved. The new front splitter, spoiler and diffuser are also made from Carbon Fibre and also aid downforce. I feel these upgrades add to the street presence and make it much more at home on the track. The Misano blue colour you see in the images is also unique to the M2 CS and I love it.

There are two gearbox options for the M2 CS one being the 7-speed Steptronic, which is a very nice box, the other is the 6-speed manual(Comes as standard) which everyone should buy. Let’s face it you buy this car because of its racecar-like performance why not have the feel and controllability that a manual offers. Acceleration figures have been claimed as 4.0 seconds to reach a 100kmh in the DCT version and a slightly slower 4.2 seconds for the manual. Both versions include the M Driver’s package which limits the top speed to 280kmh.

The Interior features a couple of nice unique touches with CS badges, Alcantara and supremely supportive bucket seats. The New M2 CS has a starting price of € 95,000 and based on history might be worth more than that later on, so see it as an investment.

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