2020 Honda E

Does your job dictate that you spend your day driving around busy inner cities?. Are the current crop of electric cars to big?, Well Honda might have a solution for you. Introducing the new all-electric Honda E!. This little electric car was first shown as a concept in 2017 and was known as the “Urban EV”. I love the design of this little hatch which reminds me of 80’s hatchbacks(Think MK1 golf/Rabbit) but thoroughly modern. I like the clean side profile as well as the flush door handles. Another smart touch is the cameras instead of side mirrors which also stick out a lot less then you would think. Overall I feel the design is modern, attractive and fit for purpose.

2020 Honda e

Electric shove.

Powered by a single compact electric motor the Honda E is available in two states of tune. Both versions produce the same amount of torque which is a rather punchy 315nm. power, on the other hand, is 113kw for Advance model and 100kw for the standard model. Performance is rated at 8.3 seconds for the 0-100 dash with the Advance and 9 seconds for the standard model. These figures would suggest a spritely drive if not fast. I for one feel its sufficient for the task it was designed for. I also find the claimed WLPT range of 222km more than adequate but note that with the 17″ wheels it’s reduced to 210km. The 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion high capacity battery has a fast-charging capability of 80% in 30 minutes.

2020 Honda e


In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best looking and well designed small car interiors, the choice of materials and layout is perfect. The “Wall” of screens looks spectacular and they offer a highly customisable layout. One interesting feature for me was the inclusion of an HDMI port and 230v power port which allows the connection of devices like gaming consoles. So whilst you are parked waiting for it to charge you could hook up your PS4 and have a quick gaming session. As with pretty much all new cars today Android Auto and Apple Carplay. The Honda e comes with a six-speaker 180watt sound system. The Honda e Advance receives an upgraded 376watt premium audio system, with an external amp and 75watt subwoofer located under the rear seat.

2020 Honda e

Drivers E.

Ooooh, 50:50 weight distribution sounds good to me, seems like I am making fun but it’s actually really good. Honda wants the E to be a fairly engaging car to drive but the problem is there is still a lot of weight to distribute, in fact, a whole 1.5 tonnes. The one nice feature of the driving is the very small turning circle on 4.3m. For those of you who find parking a challenge, you will be pleased to know that it can park itself. On the safety front there a quite an extensive list of safety features. The new Honda E will be available at various times during 2020 depending on your location, the spec might also differ so chat to your local Honda dealer for more details.

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