Ducati Multistrada V4

“Many-roads” That my friends is the meaning of Multistrada in Italian. It is a theme that Ducati seems to be pushing with the new Multistrada. With the new model having a few variants each catering to a different scenario but forever being the all-rounder. The new Multistrada comes in several different flavours, V4, V4 S, and V4 S Sport. Each adding its own unique standard features. The list of standard and optional features on this bike is quite extensive, I will get into more detail later on.

The heart of a Ducati.

The Multistrada is powered by Ducati’s 1158cc Granturismo V4, which is good for 170hp(125kw) and 125nm. Max power is 10,500rpm while torque peaks at 8,750rpm. In comparison to something like the 1250 GS which although it has less HP(136hp) it delivers more torque(143nm) at a much lower rpm of 6250. This relates into the Ducati being a bit more peaky and feeling sportier on the road. This is true to Ducati’s nature. Being a V4 it is a smoother powerplant and weighing in at only 66kg. Another surprising feature is the service intervals, the oil service is required only every 15,000km while the major valve check service only every 60,000km.

Sci-Fi Gadgetry.

In recent years Ducati hasn’t been shy when it comes to electronics and the same can be said for the new Multistrada. As standard all Multistrada’s come equipped with Ducati’s wheelie control, traction control and cornering ABS. On the V4 S model you also get the cornering lights, vehicle hold control(Hill start assist) and the big one Ducati’s semi-active Skyhook suspension system. The Skyhook system now includes a self leveling function.

All this functionality is controlled via the 6.5″ colour TFT. Other new features include the Ducati Connect system, which allows, via Bluetooth and wi-fi, the “mirroring” function of the mobile phone app on the dashboard and control via the joystick. One of the features I like is the little cubby on the tank that fits your phone. It can also charge via USB. Ducati also introduces the revolutionary Radar system. Which allows the use of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD). Overall the new electronics package on the Multistrada is fairly comprehensive.


Due to the new compact engine, it has allowed Ducati’s to create a fairly compact chassis. The bike rides on a 19″ cast aluminium front wheel with optional spoked items. Suspension travel is 170mm and 180mm front and rear respectively. It also has a decent ground clearance of 220mm and given the type of riding that is most likely going to take place this should be more than sufficient. With a standard seat height of 840mm, most riders should be comfortable however there is a lower(810mm) seat option available. Has Ducati come up with a decent package?, does it strike a good compromise between on-road and off-road, will it tempt the masses away from the likes of BMW or KTM? I suppose only time will tell.

Series at a glance:

Multistrada V4

  • Colour
  • Ducati Red with black wheels
  • Main as-standard features
  • Ducati V4 Granturismo 1158 cc engine with valve play checks at 60,000 km intervals
  • Aluminium monocoque frame, steel tubes subframe and aluminium double-sided swingarm
  • Marzocchi mechanical suspension with an adjustable fork with 50 mm diameter stanchions and adjustable mono-shock with cantilever layout. 170 mm travel front and 180 rear
  • Pirelli SCORPION™ Trail II, 120/70-19” tyre on the front and 170/60-17” on the rear
  • Bosch-Brembo 10.3ME Cornering ABS system
  • 320 mm front brake discs, Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial callipers
  • Full LED headlamp with a DRL system
  • The instrument panel with 5” full-colour high-resolution TFT screen
  • Ducati Multimedia System (DMS)
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Bosch
  • Power Mode
  • Riding Mode
  • Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC)
  • Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO

Multistrada V4 S

  • Colours
  • Ducati Red with glossy black wheels with red tag
  • Aviator Grey with glossy black wheels with red tag
  • Main as-standard equipment – as per Multistrada V4 except for:
  • Electronic semi-active Marzocchi Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) Evolution suspension system with Autoleveling function. 170 mm travel front and 180 rear
  • Also available with alloy or spoked wheels
  • 330 mm front brake discs with Brembo Stilema 4-piston radial callipers
  • Full LED headlamp with a DRL system and Ducati Cornering Lights (DCL)
  • Hands-Free ignition
  • The instrument panel with 6,5” full-colour TFT screen
  • Ducati Connect with smartphone, music, and navigator app
  • Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) Up&Down
  • Cruise Control
  • Vehicle Hold Control (VHC)

Multistrada V4 S Sport

  • Colour
  • Sport Livery with glossy black wheels with red tag
  • Main as-standard equipment – as per Multistrada V4 S except for:
  • Akrapovič homologated carbon fibre and titanium silencer
  • Carbon fibre front mudguard

There is a list of available trim packs as well.

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