2020 BMW X6

Sports? Activity Coupe.

BMW has lifted the covers off its SAC segment starter the X6. Roughly 10 years ago the Munich based automobile manufacturer decided to create something different by putting a coupe body on a SUV chassis, Plenty of journalists thought its was a silly idea, who would want such a vehicle?. With almost half a million units sold since its inception we can confidently say BMW knew what it was doing. I doubt this new version will have the impact the original had as its not defining anything new its just more of a evolution of the original concept.

Sports Heart.

Four models of the new X6 will be available at launch starting with the most powerful version of the X6 M50i. Using a newly developed twin turbo 4.4l V8 with 390kw and a stonking 750nm of torque the M50i can complete the 0-100kmh sprint in a claimed 4.3 seconds, gearshifts are managed by the slick 8 speed Steptronic dual clutch gearbox. All the launch X6 models make use of this 8 speed Steptronic box. Next up is the xDrive40i which makes use of a 250kw/450nm 3.0l straight 6 turbo motivating it to 100kmh from standstill in a brisk 5.5 seconds.

First up with the diesel’s is the M50d, with its 3.0l straight six Turbodiesel pushing out 294kw and a truck-like 760nm of torque it can complete the 0-100 dash in 5.2 seconds. Lastly, the xDrive30d using the same engine as the M50d albeit in detuned form still has respectable figures of 195kw and 620Nm enough for a 6.5 second 0-100kmh.

To put those figures into perspective even the 30d being the slowest is still a quick as a golf GTI but my pick of the bunch has to be the M50d with performance similar to the M50i but much better fuel consumption. I have a hunch the 30d will be the best seller, well in SA at least.


From what I can see the interior doesn’t seem to be too different from current generation X5 on which it’s based however expect the options list to be vast. One of the options is the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System incorporating 20 speakers with 1500 watt output which I would recommend for all you audiophiles. another interesting option is thermoelectric cupholders for keeping drinks either cool or warm.

As far as the chassis is concerned there are a couple of interesting features available with the new X6 like the striking 22″ wheels pictured above. The most intriguing feature for has to be the xOffroad package available on xDrive equipped models as I don’t think these Sporty coupes will ever do much offroad work. Nevertheless combined with the air suspension option and more offroad biased tyres it could still be quite handy off the beaten path. unique to the X6 M50i options list is the illuminated kidney grill which adds to the imposing face of the BMW. Other than this most of the options available will be similar to that of the X5 and other higher end BMW models.

Set to be Launched in some markets in November however pricing is unavailable as yet but expected to be a slight premium over the X5.

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