2019 Suzukis Swift Sport

Rolling swiftly into SA soon is this little hot hatch gem, the Suzuki Swift Sport has always been one of those well-kept secrets in the car world. It has never been the most powerful nor quickest of the hot hatches but in general, they have always been one of the lightest. The gen 2 version had a sweet free-revving 1.6 N/A pushing out 100kw and 160nm but it had to be pushed to be enjoyed. Weighing in at 1090kg this was enough power to get it to 100kph in a shade under 9 seconds. The downside was it wasn’t as efficient as its turbocharged competition.

So whats changed?

Firstly Suzuki ditched the old 1.6l N/A powerplant in favour of a newly developed BoosterJet 1.4l Turbo. With it comes an increase in power(now 103kw) and torque with the latter jumping by 44% to 230nm. The torque is now also available much lower down at 2500rpm making it more drivable. The swift has always been light however the new one is now 80kg lighter with a kerb weight of 975kg. The increase in power and reduction in weight has improved the 0-100kph sprint time by .5 seconds. Fuel consumption has also been considerably improved dropping to a claimed 5.6l per 100km.

The designers of the new swift set out to make it more aggressive, with a large blacked-out grill contrasting with the bright paintwork, the inclusion of large 17″ wheels filling the arches, overall I feel they have achieved their objective. Space was also on the agenda with the newly designed swift and luggage capacity was increased by 25%, totalling 265l. Interior comfort has also been vastly improved with a design that is more modern. Twin tailpipes at the rear add to the visual drama while delivering a fruity note.

The swift, like the Fiesta ST, has always been a drivers car but always at a lower price bracket. Although no pricing has been released for SA yet I expect it to be around R300,000 which seems like fairly good value. Suzuki’s as a whole are also quite reliable and tend to score highly in ownership reviews.

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