Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Finally, the new Triumph Tiger 900 is here. There is a whole range of different versions but the one I am interested in is the Rally Pro. This Rally version, as the name suggests is the most offroad orientated model. The big change from the standard model is the replacement of the Marzocchi suspension with Showa. The Showa suspension is now fully adjustable and has a massive leap in travel both front and rear, 240mm and 230mm respectively. The standard models only have 180mm and 170mm. The whole range also makes use of Brembo’s Stylema braking system which is already known for its great response and power. The Rally version also ships standard with a 21″ spoked wheel instead of 19″ cast alloy.

Powering the Tiger 900 is a new 888cc triple, which if you heard the previous Tigers or street triples should sound glorious!. I happen to be a huge fan of the sound of triples. With the increase in displacement comes an increase in power and torque. Triumph claims 10% more torque, now at 87nm and 9% more midrange power. Peak power is 93hp. They have focused quite a bit on moving power down the rev range to make the bike more tractable. The new motor is also Euro-5 compliant. The engine is now dropped into a new lightweight modular frame. From what I could find looks like about 4kgs have been dropped over the 800XCa. The dry weight of the Rally Pro is 201kg. The fuel tank is now 20l so should give you a little extra range. The Rally seat height starts at 850mm.


Triumph has added quite a large list of electronic gadgetry to the the 900 Rally Pro. Starting with the standard-fit IMU that links with Cornering ABS and traction control. A 7″ Colour TFT display with four colour and styles to make it easy to read in whatever lighting conditions. The is also a new connectivity system for phone integration and GoPro control. The pro also has an up-down quickshifter making for smooth clutchless shifts. For those of you who enjoy the long-distance stuff, there is cruise control and heated grips as standard. According to Triumph, there are over 65 new accessories to customise you Tiger 900and I’m pretty sure there will be a whole host of aftermarket stuff too. All in all this new Tiger looks to be a fairly compelling machine but we will know more when we ride it against the BMW F850gs.

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