McLaren 620R

Racecar for the road!

Now I know that its a tired saying but in this case, it was really McLaren’s intention. This limited (only 350 will be made) 620R is based on McLaren’s 570S GT4 car and uses a lot of the technology from the race car. Starting from the ground up the 620R comes with standard centre locking wheels wrapped in sticky Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres. There are also Pirelli slick tyres available as an option. The 620R’s pace is reeled in using carbon-ceramic brakes and the body is kept in check using a lowered and widened suspension. Just for completeness, McLaren fitted the manually adjustable GT4 dampers to give you ultimate control. They claim that all the extra aero kit provides 185kg of downforce at 250kmh.


This 620R also comes standard with carbon-fibre racing seats and 6 point harnesses which you will need if the blurb is to be believed. powering this road-racer is the same 3.8l twin-turbo V8 found in the GT4 racecar however without racing restriction. This means McLarens engineers were able to squeeze 610bhp and 620nm from it. The performance stats are pretty good from this 620R with a claimed 0-100kmh of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 322kmh. It is the most powerful in the sport series. The whole idea is for a car that is suited for track work but allow’s you to drive it there. I say it can be used on the road and legally it can but it wouldn’t be great for long trips. The reason for this is the lack of comfort features, there is no aircon, floor carpet or even a glovebox.

For me personally I’m not sure if I would buy this over a Porshe GT3 RS which would be a car you could use more often. Now it’s not really a fair comparison as they have different purposes and the McLaren will definitely be the better track weapon but at £250,000 it’s quite a bit more expensive than a GT3 RS. So if you are looking for the closest thing to a GT4 racecar that you can use on the street perhaps the 620R is for you. Sales start in Feb 2020.

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