2021 Harley-Davidson Pan America

The team at HD is finally dipping their toes into new waters by introducing their first adventure touring model. It is complete from the ground up design not just a soft-tail with a raised suspension. I find the Pan America quite an interesting prospect, with a market flooded with BMW GS’s it’s nice to see an alternative. Well, the idea of a Harley-Davidson powered adventure bike seems like a good idea as their V-twins have always been known for their low down grunt. Torque low down is what you need when straying off-road.

New 1250 Liquid-cooled V-Twin


Speaking of the engine, the new Revolution® Max 1250 60′ v-twin is an all-new design made specifically for new H-D bikes. There is also a 975cc version made for their new Bronx streetfighter. The Pan America makes use of the 1250cc lump which has 145HP and 90lb-ft(122nm) of torque. which is about par for the class. They say that the new engine is a lot more rev-happy than previous generations. This I fear might mean the power is higher up the rev range and let’s hope it hasn’t lost any tractability. In terms of braking, H-D approached the geniuses at Brembo to take care of that which is a good thing. Bespoke co-branded tires from Michelin were developed for the bike.

Based on these images it will have a fully digital instrument panel and I’m sure a host of electronic gadgetry to keep you safe. I have now details regarding suspension or what the electronic package will entail but if H-D has done their research it should be fairly comprehensive. The most decisive thing about the Pan-America is the looks which has a storm-trooper like face, I find it quite nice because it’s different. The Pan America will go on sale in late 2020 for 2021. I am sure there will also be a long list of option available but we will know closer to the time.

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