2021 Audi A3

Small but Posh.

Audi’s small hatchback has always been one of the best in class, a fine balance between its rivals. Most like to see it as fancier golf and in theory, that’s what it was. With this new one, I think they have moved the game on even though it still rides on the same MBQ platform. Starting with the design, this A3 is definitely the best looking compared to previous models. I also find it way more exciting to look at then its sister golf. These are just my opinions anyway. Sharing the platform with the golf is not really an issue either as its good one, it’s all down to suspension tuning that makes the difference. Audi has always found a good balance between sporty and comfortable. with competitors usually swinging in either direction. The slightly more sloping roofline and proud wheel arches ad to the low squat profile.



Audi has been making great interiors for quite some time now and once again I think they have nailed it. The designers said they took inspiration from their other group brand, Lamborghini. Its is quite clear if you look at the air vents surrounding the digital driver’s display, I particularly like how the infotainment screen is so well integrated and doesn’t just look like an afterthought that’s been stuck on. In the image above this is specced with S-line trim so it adds to the sporty look and feel but regardless it still looks very good and well laid out. In terms of tech, it comes equipped with Audi’s latest infotainment system and is controlled using the standard across the range 10.1″ display. This system includes android auto and apple car play as well as WIFI hotspot capability. The 12″ digital drivers display is also standard across the range.

Dynamic photo, Colour: Atoll blue


Powering the new A3 will be a range of petrol and diesel engines. Starting with petrol Audi makes use of a 1.5l TFSI (35 TFSI) 4 pot rated at 110kw and 250nm. The power is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. Audi claims it can hit 100kmh in 8.4 seconds. Next up is the first of the diesels. The 85kw and 300nm should be sufficient for most day to day use but where it really shines is fuel consumption. Audi claims an avg. of 3.5l per 100km which should bode well for those of you high milage commuters. Although not really the point the 30 TDI can hit 100 in 10.1 seconds.

Finally(for Europe anyway) is the 35 TDI S-Tronic, which at this point before the S3/RS3 arrives is my choice. It uses the same 2.0l TDI in the 30 TDI but now with 110kw and 360nm and it sends that power through a smooth-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch. Combined this gives the 35 TDI the ability to sprint to 100kmh in 8.4 seconds. It also sips fuel at 3.9l per 100kmh though not when you are doing 0-100kmh sprints. At this moment this is the list of engines and transmissions available for Europe but might differ slightly in different parts of the world. Audi says that production has already begun and that customers should start getting the cars in May however with the current Coronavirus situation it will probably take longer.

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