McLaren 765LT

Harder, Better and Faster!

Take one 720s minus some weight, add some power and make it sexier! well in a nutshell that’s what the new 765LT is, but it also so much more. This is the third “Longtail” to be added to McLarens line up and based on their track record it is going to be brilliant. Using the 720s super series chassis, the strong carbon tub is the perfect platform for this car. McLaren has changed quite a lot of parts over the standard 720s. Starting with the previously mention chassis which is now 5mm lower at the front and is suspended by bespoke LT springs and dampers. The front track is now wider as well which enhances handling. There is also a unique software programme for state-of-the-art, linked-hydraulic Proactive Chassis Control II suspension. The unique body panels and changes save 80kg’s over a 720s.

Power and performance.

The ultralight forged alloy wheels with titanium bolts are wrapped in specific to the 765LT Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R circuit tyres. These sticky tyres help the LT put all of its 765ps and 800nm on the ground. The outstanding power figure is produced by the companies much loved 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. McLaren engineers have also fiddled with the gearbox by shortening the final drive making it a lot more responsive. All these figures and changes have resulted in the 765LT being able to sprint to 100kmh in 2.8 seconds and a more impressive 0-200kmh time of 7.9 seconds. Although the shortened final drive means a lower top speed it still tops out at over 200mph. The exhaust of the fire breathing monster is now a full titanium system from headers. It also spits massive flames and is 40% lighter than the 720s system.


The interior looks like something taken from a race car, no radio, no aircon, slim racecar-like carbon buckets. You can, however, add the radio and aircon as no-cost options. One of the options I would select is the upgraded carbon brake setup pulled from the senna, although not strictly necessary I can’t think of a reason not to. The more I read about this car the more amazing things I find, like the pinion and crown wheel within the transmission final drive which is made from 20NiCh a performance nickel-chrome usually used in F1 cars. Its that attention to detail that makes cars like the 765LT such wonderful pieces of engineering. Unfortunately like a lot of people, I am not part of the lucky(Read Wealthy) 765 people that can afford one, They should start receiving them in September.

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