2020 VW Golf GTI/GTD

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Finally its here the new Golf GTI Mk8, The golf 8 has been out for a while and we have patiently waiting. There has been loads of renderings and to be honest they have been pretty close to the end result. To be fair I think the new 8 is just alright looking and find the competition way more attractive. That however is just my opinion. VW tends to know what they are doing, they havent been one of the biggest vehical brands for nothing. Unique touches to the GTI/GTD styling is the foglights which are in fact very similar to the Renault RS one’s. Overall the new GTI is fairly handsome but not particularly exciting. I am also not really a fan of the wheel design looking more eco warrior then firebreathing hot hatch.

Under the Skin.

Powering the front drive GTI is the tried and tested EA888 Evo4 2.0l turbocharged 4 pot which is good for 180kw and 370nm. As standard the GTI ships with a 6 speed manual and the 7-speed DSG is the other option. I suspect most will be specified with the DSG. The GTI is a very important car for VW, in SA its the most popular golf model sold. There are actually 2 options for GT golfs namely the GTD and GTE. The GTD uses a 2.0l turbocharged diesel engine rated at 147kw and 400nm of twist.

The newest addition is the hybrid GTE which makes use of a 1.4 TSI petrol engine(110kw) and a 85kw electric motor, combined torque is also 400nm. All three are front wheel drive and if you need AWD you will have to wait for the R. They all ride on a Mcpherson front suspension while a multi-link setup takes care of the rear.

looks way better in this colour with these wheels.


As with the outside the all new interior is nice but for me doesnt look special enough, I’m sure its well put together and materials are of high quality but its just too plain. It is however quite well specced as you would expect. As standard all three include the digital drivers diplay with the only differences being colour scheme(GTI – Red, GTD – Silver and GTE – Blue). The display is also customisable. There are 3 drive modes Comfort, Eco and Sport each with varying levels of dynaninism. The 8.5″ infotainent screen allow you to control most of the cars functions there is even voice commands, Android Auto and Apple Car Play come standard. As always the GTI/GTD are the goldilocks of hot hatches, never exeptional at one particular thing but also not bad at anything either which is why Jeremy Clarkson always said you should always have one in the garage.

The perfect combo for me would be a GTD with DSG for every day and a GTI with a manual for the weekends. What would you have? Also i would have it in the grey hue. Speak to your local dealer for availability.

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